Miss Universe Canada 2016

Ninela once more, makes her community proud!!!

On the night of June 9th  during the preliminary show at the St.Lawrence theatre, in downtown Toronto, Ninela, captivated the eyes of the judges with her charisma, and humble spirit. But wait up!! It wasn’t until she came out shining like a star during the bathing suit competition that got the crowd cheering loud for her!

Yet, it wasn’t until June 11th, that Ninela  gave everyone the amazing surprise and placed on the TOP20 out of 61 delegates from across all Canada.  She proudly gave a message of gratitude to everyone who has support her during this rich experience

“It’s finally a wrap for me!! I have ended a successful week at Miss Universe Canada. I’m extremely proud of every single opportunity this pageant brought to me. Out of 62 delegates I proudly made it to top 20, and I know this is just the beginning. Been able to prepare myself in Venezuela, at Giselle’s international, meet great organizations, companies and people who sponsored me through my 6 month journey to pageant day, has honestly been a huge blessing. I know God’s plans are bigger & the best is yet to come. I conquer true success through my determination, consistency and faith. I was able to achieve my short term goals and gain a whole new family. A special thanks to Denis Martin Davila for such an amazing experience, it’s truly rewarding. To Denise Garrido for all the advise, support, love and friendship. To Mrs Joan hearts, for her care and patience, you really brought a lot of joy to my heart with your excellent spirit. To the whole Miss Universe Canada family and to my sponsors: Fire up & Grill, Nina’s Collection Boutique, XtremeBeauty Center, Rosario Rosred, Academy of Hair Passion, Serendipity Couture/ Fabiola Sifontés, Isabel Cuellar, Jorge Perez/JEP agency, Rosemarie Sanchez/Pro Angels, Dior cosmetics, Solymar Art; Vilma Salazar/Roldan+fields, Mauricio Jimenez/ Magic Vision, Hardcandyfitness and Renzo Garciafor helping me achieve my goals, success and being part of my journey. I’m truly blessed with each and one for you! I’m so thankful to work with an amazing charity organization Operation Smile Canada, because it really open my heart to see the world with more love, compassion and continuously educate myself to continue to give more & impact lives in a positive way. Lastly I have to thank my Family, friends and specially GOD for such unconditional love. Now, stay TUNE for my future projects??… with or without a crown, Canada has a faithful leader that is willing to always give of her hospitality and time to help each community grow in unity!!” –Ninela Sanchez

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